From the idea to the key: build with concept.

Our goal is energy building work:

-Passive houses -
-Energy + house -

In order to meet current and future requirements for energy framework we work with new building standards.
This ensures that we achieve the following:

   - Minimizing and reducing heat loss.
   - Optimization of building interiors.
   - Improving insulation (building envelope) and the avoidance
of thermal bridges.
   - Use of alternative heat sources as solar panels and heat pumps with high efficiency and optimum utilization of solar energy.

Building envelope includes all surfaces facing directly toward the outside. The term covers roof, walls, floors, ceilings and foundations of buildings.

New houses are tight - it saves energy.

It is therefore energy sustainable buildings are equipped with a balanced ventilation system with heat recovery, searching for a constantly recommended air exchange - and thus a good indoor climate.





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